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5 Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Fast Bowl

Want to gain speed on your cricket bowl? Read below to learn a few tips to improve your performance.

1. Check your grip

Have your index and middle fingers parallel to the seams of the ball and the thumb resting underneath.

Make sure the grip is firm, but not too tight, so the muscles don’t tense up.

2. Fine-tune your run-up

The run is dependent on you because it’s where you find your momentum and rhythm. Most cricketers from a young age are taught long run-ups generate more speed. But if a shorter run-up helps you perform better, it’s easy to adjust.

3. Utilise your front arm

Your front arm helps generate the speed of your bowling arm. But don’t pull down too early! The more delayed you are to pull it down, the more likely it will move in sync with your bowling arm.

4. Flick your wrist

At the moment of release, give the ball a push by snapping your wrist forward.

5. Work on speed first, accuracy second

Practice by solely focusing on speed first to find your drive and rhythm. The accuracy of the bowl will develop over time.

Being a fast bowler should come naturally, but if you have already developed a style, try making these changes one by one.

Practice these changes and bowl as fast as Brett Lee at a cricket camp!


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