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5 Tips To Focus On For “Return Of Serve”

There are many aspects to focus on when returning a serve. Here's a break down of each aspect into the 5 "Fs" of returning serve.

  1. Forward – Always start the return with a split step and moving your body forward

  2. Focus – Focusing on the opponents toss and body language to read the placement of their serve

  3. First Step – On the return you always want to step with your outside foot first toward the ball

  4. Four – four means to hold your return swing as if you were hitting four consecutive balls lined in a row to get you to hit through the return

  5. Follow – short for follow threw to finish your swing

Returning a serve is the most important aspect of the game. Returning serve successfully and commandingly will improve outcomes and lead to better results.

Work on your Return of Serve these school holidays at the Parramatta Tennis Centre and their expert staff at the SCA Under Armour Tennis Camp.


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