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How to Enhance Mountain Biking Fitness and Strength

Mountain biking is an intense sport. So, it’s vital you maintain your body so you can keep going and going, even in the most challenging times. We’ve provided for you some advice on improving your fitness to be stronger during your rides.


It’s easier to lose fitness than it is to gain fitness. So, in the off-season, it is important to continually be on your bike and lengthen out your rides each time.

This is called overloading. An overload program is to increase the duration or distance of the session gradually. It pushes your body to adapt to new capabilities and challenges.

Try a 12-week program where each week you push yourself a bit more - you may be surprised by how much you can do.


Building strength is imperative to help you climb during a ride, but it is also useful in increasing bone density to protect you from serious injuries.

Remember: it is not just the legs that need strengthening, in mountain biking your back, shoulders and chest muscles help with control, and your core helps with cornering and stabilising.

Try and train the movements that you perform during riding, such as squats or pull-ups, rather than isolating specific muscles. Also, try cross-training to build strength and to mix up your training program, so you don’t burn-out.


Finding the time to stretch or do a light workout is just as important during the on-season. This will make sure your body and mind are fresh for competitions.

Learn more tips at a mountain bike camp near you!


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