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LMC Basketball Training Joins Forces With Sports Management Worldwide

Hudson Valley, NY (7 June, 2024) - LMC Basketball, co-founded by former NBA player Tyler Lydon, is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Sports Management Worldwide (SMW), a leading sports management training and management institution based in Australia. This dynamic collaboration promises to elevate basketball training programs and create incredible opportunities for aspiring athletes.

LMC Basketball, renowned for its high-quality basketball training camps and clinics, has been a cornerstone in the Hudson Valley, helping young athletes hone their skills and achieve their dreams. Co-founded by Tyler Lydon and Justin Cooper, LMC Basketball has made a significant impact on the local basketball scene, offering exceptional training and development programs.

Sports Management Worldwide (SMW), based in Australia, is an internationally acclaimed sports management company dedicated to bringing positive experiences and meaningful opportunities through sport that will leave a life changing impact on athletes’ lives. SMW specialises in managing and delivering sports camps, programs, events, tours, sports facilities and creating pathways by applying core high performance and athlete development principles.

Recently, SMW has expanded its presence by opening a new office in New York, USA, further solidifying its commitment to providing global sports management education and training.

Tyler Lydon, co-founder of LMC Basketball, shared his excitement about the partnership: "Teaming up with SMW is a game-changer for LMC Basketball. This collaboration will allow us to reach new heights and offer even more opportunities for young athletes to develop their skills and chase their basketball dreams. We can't wait to work with SMW and leverage their expertise to enhance our training programs."

Matthew Kurlander, CEO of SMW - US Operations added: "We are ecstatic to partner with LMC Basketball and Tyler Lydon. This collaboration perfectly aligns with our mission to provide top-tier sports management education and training. Together, we will create a comprehensive program that not only focuses on athletic development but also prepares athletes for success in their chosen sport and life."

Key Highlights Of The Partnership:

Enhanced Training Programs: The partnership will introduce new training modules and workshops, combining LMC Basketball's basketball coaching expertise in New York with SMW's sports management curriculum.

- Expanded Reach: The collaboration aims to extend the reach of both organisations, offering training programs to a broader audience across the United States and internationally.

- Athletic Development: Athletes will benefit from SMW's extensive network and resources, providing them with opportunities to connect with industry professionals and explore various paths to success in their sport.

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About LMC Basketball

LMC Basketball, co-founded by Tyler Lydon and Justin Cooper, is dedicated to providing high-quality basketball training and development programs. Based in Pine Plains, NY, LMC Basketball offers camps, clinics, and personalised training sessions designed to help young athletes improve their skills and achieve their goals.

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About Sports Management Worldwide

Sports Management Worldwide (SMW) is an international sports management company based in Sydney Australia possessing extensive experience in athlete development, sports programs, athlete pathways, venue/facility management and sports events, spanning more than 10 years in both domestic and international arenas. The company’s mission is to provide development opportunities and memorable experiences that will lead to personal and sport success.


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