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Sports Management Worldwide (SMW) is a premier sports company that specialises in managing and creating specific experiences into pathways of opportunities that will shape and guide athletes in achieving their goals.

These experiences offered in Asia and Australia include a variety of sports camps, events, inbound/outbound tours, US College Recruitment (coming soon), IMG Academy training (coming soon) and a professional team, the Sydney Blue Sox.

How We Help

We understand athlete's have different journeys to reach success. Athlete's need to consider their own path but can only do so if they have the right opportunities to develop and improve. To arrive at the athletes desired destination, whether it be making the school team or becoming a professional athlete, the road is long, bumpy and filled with many varied experiences and opportunities.


We at Sports Management Worldwide (SMW) have used our extensive experience in high performance sport and athlete development to provide positive experiences and valuable opportunities to improve, and go forward in achieving an athlete's goals. Together with our partners we support athletes through all stages of the journey, from beginners to later, when they no longer play sport.

Your Experience


These experiences below are designed to allow your child to be engaged physically, psychologically, socially and creatively to motivate them to want to learn, improve and be active. If you want to experience the fun that sport brings, the thrill of competition or the focus of professionals, then choose below to explore your child's journey.

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