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COVID-19 Notice

The following guidelines have been put in place in order to maintain the safety and health of our campers and coaches. Please view the guidelines below prior to attending a sports camp.

  • All campers must arrive to the camp, already dressed in their camp clothing according to their sport.

  • Only 1 parent/guardian will be able to approach the registration table at a time to sign in any participating campers.

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided upon registration, where the parent/guardian must sanitise their hands prior to signing in the accompanying camper. Parents are encouraged to bring their own pen for sign in.

  • All camp groups will be at a maximum of 10. This will be 9 campers and 1 coach.

  • Once campers arrive, they will be placed into their groups accordingly and kept at a 1.5 metre distance from one another.

  • Campers will be encouraged to bring hand sanitiser, and to use this throughout the course of the camp.

  • Campers will not be allowed to share any sporting attire, food containers or water bottles.

  • Campers will avoid any unnecessary contact (i.e. shaking hands, high fives etc)

  • All equipment will be wiped clean afterwards.

  • There will be no mixing of people (including coaches) between separate groups of 10 people.

  • All camper property will be placed at 1.5 metres apart.

  • Campers may use the toilet however change rooms will be closed.


Please Note:

  • Registered campers will be told not to attend if they are unwell and experiencing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath.

  • Registered campers will be told not to attend if, in the last 14 days, they have been unwell or had close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

  • The basic rule is “arrive, play sport and leave”.

  • Gathering as a group before or after the camp is not permitted.

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