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3 Soccer Tips To Get You In The Game

1. Use Both Feet

Players must learn to use both feet. Players use the inside foot for passing and placement of shots (accuracy) and laces for power. We want players to be comfortable and confident with the ball. So we encourage them to use both feet and all surfaces of the feet. Inside, outside, laces and sole.

2. Goalkeeper Importance in Attack

Goalkeepers are the first attacker and must not only use their hands but also be confident with feet. Can they control and pass out from the back with both feet? Can they play short as well as long passes? Coaches like players to be aware always of their surroundings. Scan the field and look for pressure as well as space.

3. Quiz yourself

Ask yourself questions on what you know, see how you respond. Can you engage the defender in 1on1 situations and be creative? Can you make decisions to enable them to keep the ball? Can you accelerate away from the defender once they have beaten them? At Worldwide we want players to be positive and play forwards and not always think they must pass. Can you be brave and look to turn and create space forwards rather than dribble or pass backwards?


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