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4 Tips to Be a Better Rebounder

Rebounding is crucial for both offensive and defensive plays in basketball. As rebounds occur so often in a game, it is important to improve your rebounding performance to increase your shooting opportunities. Here are 4 simple tips for working on your rebounding.

1. Assume the shot isn’t going in

Assuming that the ball is going to make it can be a big mistake in basketball. Often the ball can hit the rim, the backboard or even bounce out of the hoop. As a rebounder, you must always be prepared to watch it rebound to anticipate your next moves. Also, be ready to jump for the ball to reach it before the other team.

2. Position yourself

Being in a good position can help you get in front of your opposition. The best position as a defender is in the middle of the key so you can run or jump to either side. However, if you’re an offender you can only be in the key for 5 seconds, so this requires you keeping an eye out for the angle of the rebound, then sprinting in as the ball is in the air.

i.e., if your teammate is shooting from the left side of the key, stick to the right side, then move in close when they’re uncoiling their body to shoot.

3. Hold your ground

When you have received the rebound, it is crucial to stand strong so that your opponent doesn’t push you around to steal the ball. This means keep your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your centre of gravity. Try and keep your opponent behind your back, so if they try to steal, they’ll most likely foul you.

4. Chin it

Chinning it in basketball means that once you’ve got the ball, bring it close to your chest, under your chin and stick out your elbows. Then look to pass. Try not to dribble straight away, as there are many opponents close-by ready to steal.

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