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9 Simple Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners!

We have put together 9 simple cricket batting tips that will be helpful for beginner cricket players!

  • Choose the correct bat; Having the right cricket bat will help to increase the speed at which you can play a shot, and therefore also help to increase your power.

  • Find a technique that works for you; If you’re a batsman at the early stages of your career, you should put less emphasis on the advanced technical aspects such as trigger movements and focus more on the basics such as having a solid stance and grip from which to build your game.

  • Grip the bat correctly; Start your career is with a neutral grip, often referred to as the V-grip. The V-grip allows us to easily play shots on all sides of the wicket!

  • Adopt a comfortable stance; Putting yourself in a good position at this stage allows you to set yourself up well to play a variety of shots whilst avoiding putting too much stress on certain parts of the body.

  • Start ‘Taking a guard’; Taking a guard is what you’ll often see professional players do as soon as they get out to the middle. This process involves lining up their bat with the wickets and asking the umpire if their bat is in line with one of the stumps.

  • Learn to play the ball straight; For balls that are pitched fuller, meaning that they don’t bounce as high, ideally the full straight face of the bat should be used to hit them. The lower bounce of these deliveries allows us to get on top of the ball and strike through the line.

  • Practice, practice & more practice; This one might seem obvious but the importance of practice really cannot be preached enough. And this isn’t just referring to practicing in the nets or in your back garden…this also means that you have to get as much in-game practise as you can!

  • Focus on fitness; it’s vital for batsmen of all ages to work on their fitness and maintain a good level of cardiovascular health.

  • Get your bat over the line; When Running Between the Wickets, Get Your Bat Over the Line


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