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How To Be First Out of the Gate

BMX riding is about power, but also strategy. One of the biggest strategies is being out in front from the start. This allows you to take control of the race and determine how you want to take the corners.

Optimise your balance

If you learn to balance at the gate with both feet on the pedals, you will have a faster start. This is because you don’t have to think about your footing once the gate drops.

Look or listen

There are three different ways to approach the start.

  1. Listen to the cadence

  2. Watch the light

  3. Look at the top of the gate

Choose one of these to always use when preparing for the start. This will help make your start consistent and perfect your timing.

Pedal to the medal

Pedalling produces power, so you need to make sure you have the ball of your foot on the pedal to utilise the energy from your legs effectively.

And don’t stop pedalling on the first straight! Even if you’re being pushed on the side by other riders, a rider pedalling is harder to overtake than one that is not.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice at various race tracks as they all have different layouts. This will teach you adaptability during a race. You should also practice gate starts from all eight lanes. This will help develop a strategy for whichever lane you are given on race day.

Learn more at a BMX camp near you!


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