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How To Field A Baseball

Did you know that pitching and defence are two main things that help win games in baseball? That is why it is so important to really understand the best way to field a baseball.

Tip 1: Use Your Feet

Many smooth fielders look like they have soft hands, but it is actually their feet that allow their hands to work so freely. In other words, FOOTWORK COUNTS! The better your footwork, the easier your glovework becomes and the smoother it looks.

Tip 2: Position Your Glove

Another MUST for fielding ground balls is to take your glove hand and push the heel of your wrist toward the baseball. Ideally you want it more perpendicular than parallel to the ground. This allows you to use all of your glove. It will also prevent balls that take a little hop from rolling up your arm.

A defence drill that can be used for infielders is to start with your arm and glove exactly how you want to field the baseball.  Now when a ground ball is hit, move your feet ONLY and don’t move your hand or glove.  Use your feet to get the baseball.  Pre set your glove and field with your feet.  If you can get good at this drill you will make fielding a lot easier.

Here are a few more defensive tips for how to field a baseball:

  • Keep it natural

  • Keep your hands extended

  • Relax your glove hand

  • Start low

  • Attack

  • Stay balanced

  • Left arm as your guide

  • A Four Seam Grip is a must for an infielder


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