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How To Hit A Proper Forehand

Follow these 3 easy steps on how to hit a proper forehand!

  1. Prepare for the shot. Hold your racket with your dominant hand while your other hand points to the ball. Make sure you have the correct stance, standing sideways and stepping in with your left foot if you are a right hander, and vice versa if you are left. Keep you legs slightly spaced apart and knees comfortably bent.

  2. Level your back swing. Ensure that you do not bring the racket back too low or too high. We want to position the racket slightly above the ball first. When the ball comes to you, make a round action that goes from low to high to your left shoulder if you are a right hander. Your forehand may become erratic if your back swing is inconsistent. 

  3. Generate your forward swing. After knowing how to get a good position of hitting a forehand, generate more racket speed if you want your forehand to be faster. However, bear in mind that more control over more power is encouraged, as hitting the ball hard is pointless if you have no control.


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