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How To Stand Up On Your Board - Surfing Tip

Our Surfing coaches have outlined the best tips for beginner surfers, to get them standing up on their board! See the list below that can help you:

  • Before you hop in the water, practice this on land

  • Start by laying on the board with your toes touching the tail. Place hands flat on the board close to your chest.

  • Lift up your chest by pushing on your hands and look straight ahead keeping your head still to keep your balance Practice this a few times until you’re comfortable

  • Keep you centre of gravity low when it comes to take offs.

  • Establish which foot to bring forward, are you a natural or a goofy footer?

  • Twist your hips to ensure you are in a comfortable position to stand

  • Do not lean forward when taking off! This can cause you to tip and lose balance

  • Stick to white water when you are starting out

  • Don’t forget to always wear your leash


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