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Top 5 Swimming Tips For Beginners

Just starting out swimming? Here's a guide to a few simple things that can make your swimming session that bit more enjoyable and productive. From warm up to wearing the right goggles, you'll be clocking up the lengths in no time.

1. Glide To Warm Up

Don’t get in the pool and begin swimming lengths before you are warmed up. Start your session by gliding for a few minutes; this gets the blood flowing and your body gets used to being in the water.

2. Practice Your Breathing

After you’ve done some gliding, try going on your side and getting some breathing practice. Breathing is the key to a successful stroke, and the more time you can spend perfecting your technique, the better.

3. Wear A Swimming Cap

Regular use of a heavily chlorinated pool can affect your scalp and on occasions make it flake. You can avoid this by wearing an inexpensive cap — it can make all the difference.

4. Wear A Lined Swim Top

If you feel like you can never get warmed up in the water then invest in a lined top as it can significantly increase your enjoyment of your swimming. Make sure it is a close fit without restricting movement. Pool temperatures can vary considerably so don’t assume you can wear the same in each.

5. De-Mist Your Goggles

Goggles are an essential part of swimming correctly and they can mist up if they are not looked after. Get some de-misting fluid and use regularly before a swim.


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