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Tips On How To Hit A Six

Hitting a six is a difficult skill to master, but when a player pulls it off, it can be one of the most exciting moments of a cricket match. The batter hits the ball over the boundary, automatically earning six runs. See the tips below that can help you hit a six!

Part 1: Preparing Your Stance

  • Use a balance and wide-legged stance

  • Breathe steadily to maintain your calm

  • Keep your head in line with the ball as it nears you

  • Point the toes of your front foot in the direction that you would like the ball to go

Part 2: Perfecting Your Swing

  • Tell the bowler to bowl long

  • Hold your bat tightly with both hands

  • Shift your weight according to the oncoming shot

  • Keep your bat on the downswing as the ball comes near

Part 3: Hitting the Ball

  • Use your dominant hand to hit through the line of the ball

  • Aim for a straight connection with the ball

  • Stay as still as possible as you make connection with the ball

  • Focus on timing, rather than strength

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