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Tips To Improve Your Shot By Ben Knight

Shooting is an extremely important fundamental basketball skill of the game and it requires a great set of mechanics and the ability to focus day in and day out on getting better. Without developing proper shooting mechanics, it is possible you will shoot a lower percentage and have many of your shots blocked by opposing players (not fun). At basketball camp, we go over many different drills to help you improve your shot but here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Make sure the ball is in your fingertips. This allows you to have proper control of the ball throughout the shot. If you are right handed then your right hand is under the ball and your left hand is on the side of the ball as a guide hand,the other way around for left handed shooters.

  2. Start small in the Triple Threat position and end tall. At the beginning of your shooting motion you want to be in an athletic triple threat position with your legs bent (this is where your power source is). 10 toes should be facing the rim. As you continue through your motion you are using your legs as springs to get the shot up, rise up on your calves at first to help give you lift. A common mistake is to not use your legs enough at the end of games when you are more likely to be tired.

  3. Middle to middle. You want your elbow slightly tucked in and pointing directly at the middle of the rim. When you finish the shot, make sure your elbow and arm are straight. Your hand and wrist snap out and your fingers are facing the floor as if you are trying to dip your hand in the cookie jar that is up high on a shelf.

  4. Elbow above your eyes. When you finally release the shot, you should have your elbow above your eyes. Many players try to push the ball towards the hoop instead of finishing nice and high with an arc on their shot. This allows for a greater percentage of your shots to be flat and will often miss by hitting the front of the rim.I like to focus my eyes on the back of the rim.

  5. Always hold your follow through. You want to engrain this feeling into your muscle memory so that you can create the same finishing motion day in and day out and have it become a natural part of your shooting motion. With your first few shots hold your follow through until the ball hits the floor and coach yourself.

  6. Perfect Shot repetition. You want your shot to look the same every time. Get a friend or a team mate to record your shot on your phone.Shoot the ball 5 times from the same spot, record the shot from under the ring and review it after your 5 shots. Does it look the same each time?


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