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3 Tips to Improve Your Backhand

In tennis, you need to give just as much attention to your backhand as you do to your forehand. Otherwise, it can become one of your weaknesses, and your opponent can use it against you.

Here are three things to focus on when performing the backhand.

1. Choose which side and stick to it

Whatever is most comfortable for you. Most coaches, however, may suggest two-handed backhands for children as it requires less strength from them, but it is completely personal.

The benefits:

One-handed – more reach

Two-handed – more power

2. Form

Because of the strict position your wrists must be during the backhand; you now need to rely on your body position for power through the shot.

This means using the whole body, hips especially for a two-handed backhand, and knee-bend for both styles. This will enhance both strength and accuracy each time.


One-handed – open or semi-open stance to allow hip rotation

Two-handed – closed stance

3. Rotation

Your arms should follow the shape of the letter “C”. Meaning you start high with the racket, then come down, having the racket head below the ball and then follow through by bringing the racket back up.


One-handed – your body faces the side the whole time, but your arm and shoulders should rotate together.

Two-handed - Your torso should be facing the side, and when you rotate the arm through, your torso then swivels to the front.

Try and think about your backhand as an offensive strategy rather than a defensive play against an opponent’s shot. This will strengthen your gameplay.

To learn more about your forehand, read How to Hit a Proper Forehand.


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