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5 Baserunning Strategies to Outrun Your Opponents

In baseball, a lot of the focus in on the batting and pitching. But baserunning can be the most strategic component of the game. Once you hit the ball, your mind needs to switch over to running strategy quickly. So here are some tips for you to pick up your running game.

Run Fast

This may sound obvious, but the faster you

run, the less time the other team has to make critical decisions or accurate throws.

Tip: Keep your head down to run efficiently, then after three steps look to see where the ball landed. This determines whether you aim for just first base or take another route.

Hit the base

Focus on the centre front section of the base. Landing here is the shortest route and ensures you don’t roll your ankle on either side.

Push off the base

If you’ve made the choice to go to second or third base, use the inside of the base to push you off and straight.

Analyse the game

Take note of how your opponents throw, and who they automatically look to when throwing. This can help you make quick decisions when sprinting.

Anticipate everyone's moves

Decisions need to be made quickly, so anticipate your next move but also your opponents’.

Slide feet first

Avoid sliding to a base head first as it can be dangerous to your body. Sliding feet first is safer, and allows you to quickly jump up if you need to run again.

Confidence is key in base running, so practicing these tips in rehearsal games can be advantageous to learn how to perform in a fast changing game.

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