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Quick Warm-Up Drills for Batting

It is beneficial to warm-up before batting to loosen the muscles firstly, and secondly, to mentally switch on. Batting requires a lot of focus, so it is good to get into a routine for your mind to automatically switch into game mode.

There are two aspects to the warm-up, the physical side and the technical side.


This is where you want to keep moving and bring your heart rate up.

  1. Start by light jogging or fast walking to get the blood flowing to the muscles.

  2. Then, stretch the necessary muscles needed for batting to increase flexibility and also to avoid injury.


Technical warm-ups are useful in gaining confidence and preparing yourself for various bowls.

Foot movement drills

Front foot shots in fast bowling:

  1. Have your partner drop the ball half a meter in front of you

  2. This will get you to use your front foot to step forward

  3. Try to step close to where the ball will bounce

  4. Then strike the ball

  5. Practice this drill with the ball landing in different spots in front of you

Back foot shots in fast bowling:

  1. Have your partner crouch down, 5 meters away from you

  2. Have them throw underarm without bouncing, towards your upper body

  3. As the ball approaches you, move your front foot back and play on the back foot

Spin bowling:

  1. Have a partner stand 5 meters in front of you

  2. Have them underarm throw a ball in the air so that it lands a couple of meters in front of you

  3. This will force you to move your feet accordingly

  4. Try batting the ball in different directions

Head movement drills

  1. Stand in your usual batting stance

  2. Have a partner throw the ball on a full length towards you

  3. Now don’t move your feet!

  4. Move your head forward, towards the ball, and get you weight over your front knee as you strike the ball

Throw downs

Now try putting together all these drills into throw down practice. This is best to do at an outdoor net, which are usually located close to cricket pitches.

  1. Have your partner stand 20m away and throw the ball overarm to you.

  2. They should try to bounce the ball in similar areas as a fast bowler.

  3. Hit the ball as you would in a game, but focus on your foot movement, your head position and most importantly, the ball

  4. Then ask your partner to aim for different spots on the pitch to prepare for all types of shots.


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