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Soccer Drills You Can Do At Home

All you need to have access to in order to improve your soccer game is a ball, yourself and a little bit of space, even if it’s inside your house. The best soccer players take advantage of the free time they have at home and SCA Under Armour Soccer Camps is here to recommend some drills and tips: cone dribbling, wall passes and visualization.

Cone Dribbling

To practice cone dribbling, you need about a yard or two space, just 3 cones (or whatever obstacles you can find) placed 3 feet apart in a triangle. Using all sides of your feet find different ways to maneuver around the obstacles. One round use the surface of your feet, the other rounds use your sides, the top of your foot or even your toe. It’s important to get a feel for the ball with all surface points of your foot.

Wall Passing

Once you get a good feel with dribbling, now is the time to control the ball in the air. Stand 3 feet away from a wall and keep the ball juggling in the air. This practices your reflexes, focus and control of the ball. Challenge yourself to keep it up as long as you can, the best players lose focus the least.


You may have already heard that visualization is key a day, or even an hour before your game, but most professionals use visualizations every single day. The more scenarios you put yourself in, in your mind, the more ready you are for when that situation presents itself. Visualization is a very important skill that all athletes can improve on.

These are just a few things you can do on your own at home. More things come to mind if you put effort into it. Stay hungry to improve your game and success comes with it!


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