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What to Eat During a Sport Camp

Thinking of what food you need for a long day at camp can be difficult, whether you’re the athlete or the parent of one. So, we’ve provided a few ideas to make sure you or your child stays fuelled and energised to keep going and going.


There’s always time for a quick snack, but you want to make sure you’re not solely relying on sugary items.

This is the best time to eat fruit or vegetables to make sure you are getting all the nutrients needed. It’s also not too heavy in the stomach if there’s only a small amount of time in between training.

Some ideas include

  • Carrot sticks

  • Apple and orange slices

  • Bananas

  • Raisins

Other smaller snacks are also handy, such as

  • Yoghurt

  • Protein balls

  • Muesli bars

  • Fruit muffins

  • Nuts


Usually, there is a decent break provided for lunchtime. This is the prime time to have a larger meal and get in some carbohydrates and protein.

If you’re wanting some protein, lean protein is the best way to go during the middle of the day so it can easily digest. It can be added to a sandwich, wrap or salad – whichever one is tastier according to the athlete.

This can include

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Eggs

  • Canned fish

  • Peanut butter

  • Beans

  • Cheese

(Click here for some recipe ideas)


It’s easy to go straight for the sports drinks as we know that they replace electrolytes. They’re also good to have during a long day at camp as they should be used for athletes who participate in physical activity that spans for more than an hour. But they should be used in moderation as they are high in sugar.

Ultimately, water is the best option. Experts suggest that children drink water every 15 to 20 minutes during training. This will prevent dehydration which can greatly affect strength, energy and coordination during performance. Particularly during the hot summer months!

Athletes should also drink plenty of water after training to replace fluids lost through sweat.

Overall, nutrition is important during these camps to gain the best results for the best performance. By sticking to these suggestions or even doing more research can help you or your child to stay healthy and fit so the athlete can enjoy what the sport has to offer.

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